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Designated Drivers Sonoma

When you are ready too have lunch while you are wine tasting we have compiled a list of Deli’s for you too choose and order lunch. Give us some money credit card and we will go and get it and you can keep on wine tasting trail! It is simple as that!!! If you want more info please call or text us at 707-819-9799.

Sonoma Designated Drivers and Sonoma Wine Tour Drivers Sonoma-Designated-Drivers-General-Store Lunch Menu's

Sonoma Wine Country Deli’s

Healdsburg-Oakville Grocery

Glen Ellen Market

General Store on Dry Creek Road

Sonoma’s Best

We are continually looking for new places to have a Delicatessen or Restaurant Lunch. Remember everyone that have a Deli sandwich is so much faster than a sit down at a Restaurant. I have seen lunch at a Restaurant last 2-12 hours. 3-1/2 hours at the French Laundry in Yountville CA. Of course if that is what you want know problem! The point is that it takes away from your Wine Tasting Tour. But we need to get you food also.  Like we said above. We will go and get lunch and bring back to you to eat at the winery that has a picnic table. Just ask us.

Sonoma Designated Drivers and Sonoma Wine Tour Drivers Oakville-Grocery Lunch Menu's